The Game

Made with quality parts, precision-manufactured in the heart of Ohio, each game is made to last through generations of football fans.  All wooden parts of the game are professionally finished with a durable, soft-gloss polyurethane, keeping plastic parts at a minimum.

The turf-green field is a sturdy 2′ by 4′ and a 1/2″ thick with silk-screened yard lines and finished off with a white binding that gives a sleek, clean look that would be a great addition to any game room, man-cave or football fans home.

Play Book

What is the best thing about Full Contact Paper Football ? What makes this different from any other football game on the planet?  With you in control of your own team, and a mini Wilson leather football for game play, and a dice “system” that seamlessly flows with the action on the field, the only thing that truly describes what this game is like is to say ‘It plays and feels like real football”

Team up with a buddy and do battle against your friends or play one on one. It’s a great tailgate or party game and makes for great fun while you are connecting with your friends, buddies or kids.

Game action includes:

-mini leather football                  


-short yardage gains

-medium yardage gains

-long yardage gains

-tackles and big hits





-big blocks for more yardage

-plays ob


-work the sideline late in games

-run the hurry up/clock management

-time outs


-bring in the chains

-“inches to go”

-blocked punts

-coffin corner punts

-orange cushy pylons.

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Home Field

Do you love the raw emotion of football? Then you’re in the right place…

Full Contact Paper Football…A physical football game!

From the old school game of paper football comes a fun new football game that offers you a football experience like no other!        

Until now, there’s never been a football game where you had control of your own players, on the field, against live competition.

Full Contact Paper Football is unique in that all eleven players on your offense and  defense are right at your fingertips. You’re in command of your team!

Football Competition… From The First Snap To The Last.